NALA app

Today, I want to present to you an interesting opportunity: we are collaborating with NALA, a digital eczema companion. They would need someone to help them to further refine their smartphone application — and, in return, you’ll get the NALA app for free to help you better manage your eczema. If we manage to gather 10 volunteers, the application will be given to all our members for free.

What is the NALA app about?

It is founded by Jerry (who had eczema himself for 12 years during his childhood and youth) and Spencer (whose son is also suffering from eczema) — and together they want to provide science-based help for other eczema warriors. 

That’s why they are currently developing a smartphone application that is designed to reduce the time from diagnosis to a happy skin from years down to just a couple months with the help of “Artificial Intelligence” . 

What can an application developed with the help of artificial intelligence bring you?

  • Educating you about what to do about eczema holistically through science-based, short videos from medical experts.
  • Getting personalized therapy suggestions, i.e. your individual DOs (= skin supporter) and DONTs (= trigger factors).
  • Getting an 8-page PDF-report about your skin that you can share with your doctor

Thus, NALA and Atopika are collaborating to bring the digital eczema app to the next level – but only with your help. 

That’s why they’d love to talk to 10 of you to better understand how to further improve the NALA app. This gives you the possibility to have a real impact on the design and development of the app by voicing your opinion — and, moreover, to get exclusive and free access to the NALA  app once they have finalized it. 

If you’d be interested to participate, just drop Mathieu ( ) an email and he’ll get back to you. 

We’d be able to offer you a conversation in English, Spanish, French, Filipino, Hungarian and/or German. 


Looking forward to getting your expert feedback!