Institute Atopika is a non governmental non-profit organisation addressing the needs of patients with atopic dermatitis and their families. The institute works in the fields of education, counselling and support. From 2018 onward, it’s a member of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patients Organizations.

The director and technical manager of the institute is dr. Tina Mesarič, bachelor of biology at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (2010), and a professor of biology (2016). In 2010, she continued with her postgraduate studies at the interdisciplinary doctoral programme of Nanoscience at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Biotechnical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana. In her doctoral thesis (2014), she researched the toxicity of nanomaterials. Through her experience in laboratory biomedicine and after completing her proficiency examination in 2016, she holds the title of the allied professional in healthcare.

I founded Institute Atopika with the purpose of passing knowledge and personal experience with atopic dermatitis onto the parents of children affected by atopic dermatitis as well as onto the teenage and adult patients coping with the condition.

The institute provides counselling (in person and through social media) and education based on the newest scientific discoveries on atopic dermatitis with the goal of alleviating the symptoms of the illness and improving the quality of life for patients and their families. The quality of life in patients with atopic dermatitis is comparable to that of cancer and diabetes-type-1 patients.

The condition causes much distress, as it prevents the sufferers from getting enough sleep, which not only hinders them in their daily activities but deteriorates their mental health as well. Because atopic dermatitis profoundly affects individuals at different stages in their lives, the institute will reach out to patients of all age groups. By providing opportunities for socialisation, connection and cooperation, we can do much to ameliorate the life of atopic dermatitis patients, establish their legal status and develop better healthcare for them. The institute will also work to educate the public about atopic dermatitis and help prevent the discrimination and stigmatisation of the patients.

All of the institute’s activities are provided on an expert level and in cooperation with national and international experts on atopic dermatitis.

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