ADCT – Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic type of eczema. It’s a very frequently occurring illness, which can be treated but isn’t always easy to keep in check. Atopic dermatitis can impact your life in different ways. Maintaining an overview of how you manage your illness in all respects – including visible signs on skin, symptoms, such as the itch and pain, and the general quality of life – can help your doctor monitor your body’s response to treatment, devise an optimal healthcare plan and set realistic treatment goals for you.

Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT) was developed to aid patients and their doctors in understanding the illness in a correct and wholesome way. By answering six basic questions, you can gauge how well your atopic dermatitis is being controlled. The answers will allow your doctor or nurse to better understand your treatment needs.

How does ADCT work

ADCT contains six questions. To use the tool correctly, you need to answer all six questions.

You can find the instructions for calculating the total score in the tool itself.

Use the tool to talk to your doctor about how atopic dermatitis impacts your life.


You can download the tool at the following link.