Activities at the Institute Atopica

At the Institute Atopika, we will organise different activities that will provide patients with atopic dermatitis and their loved ones with the necessary information and support for their fight against the illness.


Ceaseless education and the search for information about illnesses, especially chronic ones, is a must nowadays. It’s crucial that we trust our GP or paediatrician, but it’s equally important for us to realise that our health or the health of our child is in our own hands!

Be active! In knowledge is power, and with power comes health. 

All educational activities of Institute Atopica will be organised in Maribor and in Celje and Ljubljana if the need arises. The meetings will have a theoretical and a practical part.

Support group

The support group offers a safe place for people with similar experience to connect. At the group meetings, we get to know each other, exchange our experience in a respectable manner and offer emotional support to one another. The group is founded on the principles of trust, discretion, safety and acceptance.

In case there is interest in establishing a support group for patients with atopic dermatitis and other “skin” diseases (such as psoriasis) and the families of these patients, the institute will try to provide a facility free of charge where the group could meet. Otherwise, the expenses will have to be covered through a symbolic fee.


The workshops program is underway.